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Bill of Materials REV10(a)

Boxes with reels of components ready for assembly

REV10 is the first production version (from January 2024) that ships in an enclosure. Find your revision number on the PCB near the production date (bottom) and the 10 pin connector (top).

Change Log

REV10 started as a BOM cleanup, but also addresses two issues in REV8.

  • Changed low voltage op-amp (Microchip MCP6001/Gainsil GS6001) to jellybean part LMV321
  • Changed current sense op-amp to 'A' graded jellybean part LMV321A for better accuracy
  • Changed low voltage comparator (RUNIC RS8901XF) to jellybean part LMV331
  • Changed PFETs (Winsok WST3423) to jellybean part SI2301, changed package to SOT-523
  • Changed 1N4148 package to SOD-523
  • Replaced 74HC4066 with 8 x SI2301 PFETs to save board space and ease sourcing
  • Changed 74HC4067 to "improved" jellybean CD4067 for cost savings and availability
  • Changed CD4067 series protection resistors (510R) to match current limits of pin diodes
  • Changed all 74-series logic chips (Nexperia/TI) to cheaper/improved WuXi I-Core brand
  • Replaced removable flash socket with onboard 1Gbit NAND flash (MT29F1G01ABAFDWB-IT:F) to improve internal SPI bus speed
  • Added 1 RGB side LED and 1 RGB mini-e LED were flash socket was previously mounted
  • Added 2 x LMV324 quad op-amp buffer and BAS40-05T-7-F Schottky protection diodes in front of analog mux to eliminate glitches on IO pins. Added a similar LMV321 single op-amp and protection diode to the VOUT measurement pin
  • Added pinout silkscreen to 10P connector
  • Swapped power supply PWM pins (GPIO22, GPIO23) and LCD control pins (GPIO24, GPIO25) to free up hardware PWM channels
  • Compacted the last four bits of the analog mux to improve sweep speed

Bill of Materials

BrandPartPackageDescriptionReel QuantitySupplierChanges
SAMSUNG(三星)CL05B104KO5NNNC0402100nF ±10% 16V10000SZRCD
SAMSUNG(三星)CL05C150JB5NNNC040215pF ±5% 50V10000SZRCD
SAMSUNG(三星)CL05A225MP5NSNC04022.2uF ±20% 10V10000SZRCD
SAMSUNG(三星)CL05A475KP5NRNC04024.7uF ±10% 10V10000SZRCD
SAMSUNG(三星)CL05C121JB5NNNC0402120pF ±5% 50V10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF1003TCE0402100K ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF1023TCE0402102K ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF1002TCE040210K ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF1333TCE0402133K ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF1001TCE04021K ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGJ0511TCE0402510R ±1%10000SZRCDValue
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF2000TCE0402200R ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF220JTCE040222R ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF3300TCE0402330R ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF3302TCE040233K ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0402WGF1003TCE04025.1K ±1%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)4D02WGJ0104TCE0402x4100K ±5%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)4D02WGJ0103TCE0402x410K ±5%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)4D02WGJ0105TCE0402x41M ±5%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)4D02WGJ0511TCE0402x4510R ±5%10000SZRCDValue
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)4D02WGJ0331TCE0402x4330R ±5%10000SZRCD
UNI-ROYAL(厚声)0805W8J0330T5E080533R ±5%5000SZRCD
Ta-i Technology (大毅科技)RLP25FEER20025150R2 ±1% 2W4000SZRCD
FH(风华)CBW201209U300T08051.5A Ferrite Bead4000SZLCSCPart, Manuf
CBI (创基)1N4148WTSOD-523100V 150mA3000CBI (创基)Package
CBI (创基)BAS40-05T-7-FSOT-523Schottky Diode x 23000CBI (创基)New
CBI (创基)MMBT7002KSOT-23NFET3000CBI (创基)
CBI (创基)BC2301(2.8A)SOT-523PFET3000CBI (创基)Part, Package, Manuf
CBI (创基)MMDT3906SOT-363/SC-70-6Dual PNP3000CBI (创基)
DIODES(美台)BCM857SOT-363/SC-70-6Dual PNP matched pair3000SZLCSC
YXC (扬兴晶振)X322512MSB4SI322512MHz ±10ppm 20pF3000Navia
MICRONE(南京微盟)ME6211A33PG-NSOT-89-33.3V VREG1000Navia
DIODES(美台)AP2127K-ADJTRG1SOT-23-50.8V-5.5V 400mA VREG3000Navia
Gainsil(聚洵)LMV321SOT-23-5R2R op-amp3000Gainsil(聚洵)Part, Footprint, Manuf
Gainsil(聚洵)LMV321A (GS321A)SOT-23-5R2R op-amp A grade3000Gainsil(聚洵)Part, Footprint, Manuf
Gainsil(聚洵)LMV324 (GS324MT)TSSOP-14R2R op-amp x 43000Gainsil(聚洵)New
Gainsil(聚洵)LMV331 (GSV331)SOT-23-5Comparator3000Gainsil(聚洵)Part, Footprint, Manuf
Raspberry PiRP2040QFN-56Microcontroller500SZLCSC
WinbondW25Q128JVSIQSOP-8128Mbit Flash2000SZLCSC
I-CORE(中微爱芯)AIP74HC595TATSSOP-16Shift register2500DXZHManuf
I-CORE(中微爱芯)AIP74HCT245TATSSOP-20Level shifter2500DXZHManuf
I-CORE(中微爱芯)CD4067TSSOP-2416 channel analog mux2500DXZHManuf, Part
CGL LEDSK6812-mini-eLED down facing2000CGL LED
CGL LEDSK6812-side-a_bLED side facing2000CGL LED
SZHTCQT200H1201320x240 DisplaySZHTC
KAIDITJC8-10AW1x10 P2.54mm horizontal malemain IO connector with silkscreen1000KAIDIAdded pinout silkscreen
SZWG1x03 P2.54mm vertical female milled, low profile1x03 P2.54Programming connectorSZWG
SZYCSH 1.0-9P WT"SH" 1x09 P1.00mm horizontal maleAUX connectorTubeSZYC
SHOU HAN(首韩)TYPE-C-31-M-12USB C 16P1000SHOU HAN(首韩)
SHOU HAN(首韩)TS3425BA 098 2.5H 250gf4.2x3.4x2.5mm4x3x2.5H button 250gf3000SHOU HAN(首韩)
SHOU HAN(首韩)TS3315A 250gf 0253.3x3.3x1.5mm3x3x2.5H button 250gf4000SHOU HAN(首韩)
  • Manuf = Change of part manufacturer (may or may not be drop in replacement)
  • Package = Change of part size
  • Part = Change of part number that requires FCC recertification
  • Footprint = Part required a PCB footprint change
  • Value = Value of part changed/new part value on this BOM revision
  • New = New component in this revision

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