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All Bus Pirate cables are made with super soft and flexible premium silicone coated wire. The inner strands are very fine tinned copper. 22AWG has 60 strands 0.08mm thick (bottom), compared to 8-12 strands in common wires (top). The silicone coating has a very nice feel, and tolerates high heat and chemicals.

Probe Cable

PinWire TypeWire ColorWire LengthShrink TypeShrink ColorShrink ManufShrink LengthShrink TextShrink Text Color
122AWG SiliconeRed270mmφ1.5mmRedWoer20mmVOUT VOUTBlack
222AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmOrangeDongguan Sanlian20mmIO0 IO0Black
322AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmYellowWoer20mmIO1 IO1Black
422AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmGreenDongguan Sanlian20mmIO2 IO2Black
522AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmBlueDongguan Sanlian20mmIO3 IO3Black
622AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmPurpleDongguan Sanlian20mmIO4 IO4Black
722AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmBrownDongguan Sanlian20mmIO5 IO5Black
822AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmGrayWoer20mmIO6 IO6Black
922AWG SiliconeGray270mmφ1.5mmWhiteWoer20mmIO7 IO7Black
1022AWG SiliconeBlack270mmφ1.5mmBlackWoer20mmGND GNDWhite

A high quality probe cable to connect the Bus Pirate to test hooks, milled breadboard pins and pin header.

TJC8 connector

Keyed, locking 2.54mm female connector. TJC8 or HX25418.

Unhoused 2.54mm crimps

2.54mm 'DuPont' female crimps, without a housing. Many test probes will now accept a 2.54mm Dupont crimp housing, but many don't. The probe cable uses unhoused crimps wrapped with color coded, labeled shrink tube.

Printed Shrink Tube

Shrink tube varies wildly in color quality. A lot of colors just don't pop: dull lifeless pastels or just too dark. We ended up sourcing from two manufacturers to get a reasonably nice set of colors. Woer is able to print on the shrink tube, and also printed on the tubes from Dongguan Sanlian.

Auxiliary Cable

PinWire TypeWire ColorWire LengthConnector 1Connector 2Bus Pirate Signal
1-830AWG SiliconeGray170mm9pin 1.0mm 'SH', female1pin 2.54mm 'DuPont', femaleIO0-IO7
930AWG SiliconeBlack170mm-1pin 2.54mm 'DuPont', femaleGround

A 9 pin cable connects the Bus Pirate auxiliary connector to external tools like logic analyzers, oscilloscopes etc.

The first version of this cable had all black crimp housings and it was a pain to find the right tiny wire. We sourced white plastic crimp housings and dyed them to match the color labels on the display and probe cable. Just for fun we dyed the SH connector black as well. Now it's a lot easier to use.


The first version of the auxiliary cable has all back crimp housings. The second version has color coded crimp housings. Version one is in the current auxiliary cable kit, version 2 is available separately until we receive matching Y and splitter cables to make a kit.


ABS plastic can be dyed. The supplier is a factory that specializes in dying plastic clothing buttons and beads. First they do a material test with a random color. If everything looks good, they quote a price per gram of plastic dyed. We also used this technique to color button caps for the enclosure.

Y Splitter Cable

PinWire TypeWire ColorWire LengthConnector 1Connector 2
122AWG SiliconeBlack/Red/Gray170mm1pin 2.54mm 'DuPont', female2*1pin 2.54mm 'DuPont', female

A high quality splitter cable to make multiple connections to a single pin. Connect power and ground to multiple devices, or share a 1-Wire, I2C or SPI bus between several chips.

Jumper Cable

PinWire TypeWire ColorWire LengthConnector 1Connector 2
122AWG SiliconeBlack/Red/Gray170mm1pin 2.54mm 'DuPont', female1pin 2.54mm 'DuPont', female

A high quality jumper wire to quickly connect your latest breakout board.

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