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Passive components

Resistors 1% 0402

R201 R20404025.1K2>=1/16th Watts1%
R202 R203040222R2>=1/16th Watts1%
R319 R401 R4120402100K3>=1/16th Watts1%
R4030402102K1>=1/16th Watts1%
R4040402133K1>=1/16th Watts1%
R101 R502 R602 R60304021K4>=1/16th Watts1%
R405 R408 R409 R604 R605040233K5>=1/16th Watts1%
R301 R313 R402 R406 R407 R410 R414 R415 R501 R606 R609 R610 R611 R613040210K14>=1/16th Watts1%
R103 R208 R608 R6120402200R4>=1/16th Watts1%
R316 R3200402510R2>=1/16th Watts1%

Any standard quality 1% resistor can be used. We use UniRoyal (UniOhm/RoyalOhm).

  • REV10+ adds 510R

1K (R602 R603), 33K (R405 R408 R409 R604 R605), 102K (R403), 133K (R404) are used in analog circuits. Confirm they are 1% tolerance.

Resistor arrays 5% 0402x4 convex

Convex R Array

RN301 RN305 RN306 RN3090402x4 convex330R4>=1/16th Watts5%
RN315 RN400 RN401 RN4020402x4 convex510R4>=1/16th Watts5%
RN311 RN3120402x4 convex10K2>=1/16th Watts5%
RN303 RN308 RN317 RN3180402x4 convex100K4>=1/16th Watts5%
RN302 RN304 RN307 RN3100402x4 convex1M4>=1/16th Watts5%

Any standard quality 5% 0402x4 resistor array can be used. Convex type (leads on the tips of each resistor). We use UniRoyal (UniOhm/RoyalOhm).

  • REV10+ adds 510R

Resistor 5% 0805

R209080533R1>=1/10th Watts5%

Any standard 5% resistor can be used. This is a current limiting resistor for the LCD back-light, tolerance is not important. We've been using UniRoyal (UniOhm/RoyalOhm).

Resistor 0.2R 1% 2W 2512

R60125120.2R1>=2 Watts1%, <=100ppm/C

Any standard 1% 2512 package resistor can be used. It is best to have the lowest ppm/C possible. 50-100ppm/C is inexpensive and readily available.

Ceramic Capacitors 10 or 16 volts 0402

C105 C106040215pF2>=10 volts
C4080402120pF1>=10 volts
C103 C110 C111 C112 C113 C114 C115 C116 C117 C118 C121 C301 C302 C303 C304 C305 C306 C307 C308 C309 C310 C311 C312 C313 C314 C315 C316 C403 C406 C414 C415 C416 C501 C502 C503 C506 C508 C510 C602 C605 C701 C702 C703 C704 C705 C706 C707 C708 C710 C712 C713 C714 C715 C716 C717 C718 C719 C72004020.1uF58>=10 volts
C104 C107 C108 C109 C405 C413 C504 C507 C509 C60104022.2uF10>=10 volts
C201 C202 C401 C402 C404 C40704024.7uF6>=10 volts<2ohms ESR

Any standard quality capacitors rated for 10 volts or more can be used. We use Samsung.


4.7uF is used with voltage regulators and should be a "low ESR" type with 2ohm or less ESR.

Diode 1N4148 SOD-323

D401 D601 D602 D603SOD-5231N41484

Standard 1N4148 diode, any manufacturer.

  • REV10+ replaces SOD-323 with a smaller SOD-523 package.

Several manufacturers make a 1N4148 diode and also several of the transistors in this BOM. See the table in the Transistors and FETs section of the sourcing guide.

Dual Schottky Diode BAS40 SOT-523

D500 D501 D502 D503 D504SOT-523BAS40-05T5common cathode

Dual Schottky diodes with very low reverse leakage (<=6nA @ 5volts T=25c) and low forward voltage (<=0.4volt @ 0.05mA T=25c).

  • REV10+ adds BAS40 to protect op-amp inputs from reverse current

This diode protects op-amps connected to the IO pins from damage due to reverse current when reverse powered. The forward voltage must be less than 0.5volts with some margin to spare.


In our experience the generic equivalent parts are very leaky, so we use genuine Diodes INC parts in REV10. We continue to investigate cheaper alternatives for future revisions.

Ferrite Bead 1.5A 0805

L2010805Ferrite bead1>=1.5A<100Ohms @ 100MHz

This ferrite bead filters RF interference to/from the USB cable. The part must be rated for 1.5Amps or more, but the other values are not critical. Ideally it should have less than 100Ohms resistance at 100MHz (typically 15 or 30Ohms @ 100MHz). Tolerance is not important, typically +/-25%.


The same bead used on the previous Bus Pirate v3/v4 versions will work.