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FDM Shell

FDM 3D printed shell

3D Printed case made from PETG

ReferenceValue Quantity RatingNote
Top shell1Clear PET-G material
Bottom shell1Clear PET-G material

Top and bottom enclosure 3D printed in clear/transparent PET-G filament.

For large volumes it will be better to injection mold the case. The open source case will probably improve and evolve over the first few productions, so we designed it to be 3D printed in small batches at the beginning (if possible).

M3 brass heat set knurled nuts (opposite direction knurling)

Knurled heat set brass nutsDimensional drawing of heat set brass knurled nutsFDM case with heat set nuts

NutsM3x3mmLx4.5mmDM3 brass heat set nut4
  • Opposite direction knurling

M3 8mm DIN7991 bolt

BoltsM3x8mm DIN7991M3 8mm bolt DIN7991 silver4Silver color