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Common hardware for all case versions.

SC121 button cap

Button cap5x5mmButton cap, 5mm, metalized1Metalized silver
Button cap5x5mmButton cap, 5mm, black1Black†
Button cap5x5mmButton cap, 5mm, dyed3"Arcade" red, yellow, blue†
Button cap5x5mmButton cap, 5mm, hydrographic foil dip1Carbon fiber†

A metalized silver button cap is installed by default. The manufacturer also sells a black and a white version.

Dyed plastic button caps

Small plastic button caps, dyed red, blue, yellow

We sent white button caps to an ABS plastic dying factory. The dye master color-matched the caps to red, yellow and blue "retro" arcade button samples.


ABS plastic can be dyed. The supplier is a factory that specializes in dying plastic clothing buttons and beads. First they do a material test with a random color. If everything looks good, they quote a price per gram of plastic dyed. We also used this technique to color code the AUX cable shrouded headers.

Hydrographic foil dip dyed caps

Hydrographic foil dip dying is a technique that coats plastic objects with a thin printed graphic film. There's a huge selection ready-made foils, and many suppliers can even print custom designs. This batch of caps was dip dyed with the smallest/tightest carbon fiber design available.


The supplier hydro dips all kinds of stuff, but button caps are unusually small. Car/motorcycle parts and helmets are common.


† Bonus buttons available while supplies last. Future batches will use different colors and/or dip foils.

2mm hex wrench

Hex key2mm2mm hex key13mm DIN7991 bolts

A 2mm HEX wrench to open the DIN7991 bolts that secure the Bus Pirate case. A hex wrench is included so you can open the Bus Pirate as soon as it arrives.

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